July 18, 2010

sunny disposition

James Perse tank, Milly skirt, Chanel pearls
Dolce & Gabbana patent cap lavender suede pumps.
I got this skirt for $30 at UAL in Hattiesburg. One of my best buys.
I love that this skirt has pockets!
These shoes really are super comfortable, you would never guess! Perfect for a full days work.


  1. Omg Tess! I used to have that skirt in a dress, but you definitely got it for a great deal. I'm going to go dig that dress up, you've inspired me.

  2. Hey Tess! It was great meeting you at the picnic :) Love those D&G shoes- they are fun and classic at the same time!

  3. Loooove the skirt! So cute. & I love the pockets! I'm always so excited when I find a dress or skirt I loooove and it has pockets :) Good to meet you at the picnic! Hope to see you again! XO

  4. Thanks so much. That skirt/shoe combo is one of my favorites!