June 29, 2010

bram stoker's dracula?

Or Dior's haunting fall 2010 collection.
So dark.
Long flowing, pale chiffon florally embellished gowns
Satins, chiffons, and pale skin
Top hats, leather, and silk.

June 28, 2010

fashion show so long ago

I did this fashion show like two years ago and just came across these pictures. The trench in the first picture is actually Lilly Pulitzer and hot pink and amazing. The vintage swim suit is Jantzen. I wish pool parties were excuses to dress up!

June 27, 2010

ladylike, dahling

I'm obsessed with Louis Vuitton's fall ad campaign. The latest issue of Vogue also heralded the return of lady like fashion. I really hope this trend catches on and stays long enough to reach the masses of America because people need some serious help with looking presentable. Why don't they just look at the first lady? Michelle Obama always looks nice and put together.
I don't think I'm asking for too much.
Do you?

June 25, 2010

why tiffany is dead

Because of cheap little things like this, I no longer desire Tiffany. 
Its too mainstream, like, anyone can own Tiffany jewelry and for me that is not cool.
This bracelet is $320 which is a lot to pay for something so ridiculous.
Its not even so bad its good, its just plain horrible.

well, i obviously need more red in my wardrobe

I wish I had a formal event to go to that I could wear this exact outfit.
Red fur. I promised myself that when I go to Russia I will wear a red fur coat, muff, and hat.
Red, fur, stockings, pumps: a classic combination
Wearing all the same color family is so difficult, but it looks perfect here.
Red lace, red stockings.

June 24, 2010

tea time in NOLA

Betsey Johnson dress, Chanel bag
I really miss my pink highlights. I'll have to do them again.
The Windsor Court Hotel is so beautiful, I had such a lovely tea with my mom, sister, and Madeleine for my birthday.


Lately i've been feeling dark i suppose. I only want to wear black and never take off my docs.
So classy and haunting.
Dying for lace/see through/velvet bellbottoms.
Blue Velvet
Babydolls and biker boots will always be stylish.
Even a conservative uniform becomes dark and seducing.
I'm dying for deep deep crimson lips, I might even try black lips if i feel goth enough.

June 20, 2010

suburban hipster paradise

My brother in H&M shorts, Vans.
Sweater from goodwill, Levi cutoffs from Capitol Hill Bloc Party in Seattle, Docs, Chanel bag
Cul-de-sacs freak me out. I always feel trapped and at the edge of nowhere.
I'm obsessed with this Brighton belt I got at Goodwill. Its so heavy and silvery.

the crawl

Wildfox Witchcraft
Love affair with Rodarte
I wish when I laid in my bed I was dressed like this.
I need this to be my reality.