February 28, 2011

90s hooker/courtney love

what i wore to PENDULUM
 Motley Crew
Supersensorial at MOCA
Favorite 90s icon: My original mother, Courtney Love

February 23, 2011

style icon: hannah murray, aka cassie

 Long socks and blazers
 Babydoll dresses
Red Lips
Mixing patterns
Fabulous sunglasses


February 20, 2011

its a nice day for a white wedding

Lost in Wonderland.
70s vintage wedding dress that I'm in the process of dirtying up for the Lady Gaga concert.

February 14, 2011

the weekend in outfits and parties

Moet & Chandon is the best!
Sweater: Indie Collective, Skirt & Boots: Goodwill
I seem to have this fascination with the 90s...
 Dior Sunglasses on Baby Bunny
YSL sneakers and Classified monster 90s boots
 Vintage wedding dress I am crafting for GAGA
 Ralph Lauren top and denim button down
 Docs attack
Me and Meg. 
Wolford tights
new Docs!
Dress/top from Goodwill

February 11, 2011

drew barrymore in poison ivy

Literally the most fabulous clothes are in this movie. 
Biker jacket, mini skirts, and cowboy boots with that mop of blonde curls and red lips.
I'm in love.
 She seriously looks like 25 here
 She's got that whole magical wild child vibe.
This movie makes me want to dress like a slut all the time! 
But only if I can find some killer black cowboy boots and a red leather mini.