April 30, 2010

china doll

Sam Edelman gladiators. Skirt I made from a top.
Vintage chinese shirt and belt from Goodwill
The most bright thing I've worn in a while. But it was sunny, so it worked. I keep forgetting its April, cause its so chilly outside most days. But, its warming up, so I'm glad. Ready to break out the denim cutoffs.

April 29, 2010

viva la revolution

Jacket from the army surplus store. Wet Seal liquid leggings. Forever 21 t-shirt and necklace.
Timberland boots.
Every couple years, or a least once a decade there is a resurgence of military regalia gracing the pages of fashion magazines. It's become a classic look and integrated with leather, makes the perfect blend for the winds of change assaulting the USC campus. Something's brewing...

April 28, 2010

fashion assassination

Sneaky and seductive.
Blood spattered handbag is somehow chic.
So down with leather shorts.
Finally! I have found a wardrobe for when I become an assassin for fashion! Also, I think the gloves are necessary for the self defense class I just signed up for. Perfection.
(images via Stylebubble.com)

April 27, 2010

dirrty blonde

 Baby doll dress à la Courtney Love from Goodwill. Betsey Johnson fishnets. Gucci purse.
 On my feet? Why, docs of course!
dance, darling. 
Photo credit: Manon Wilson 

nouveau dream catchers

Interview magazine continues to be a source for all things amazing!
I've fallen in love with Walt Cassidy's dream catchers, if you will.
 Moons and trees and stars
 Whimsically wonderful, don't you think? Its like they possess secret magical powers.
His work will be on display at New York's Invisible-Exports Gallery. Too bad I'm in LA.
photos via (invisible-exports.com

strawberry shortcake picnic

For some reason, I felt very 40s/50s for a few days. 
Green circle skirt from Goodwill, Harve Bernard gingham wrap top given to me by my mother.
Tom Ford cateyes, Betsey Johnson belt
Fendi shoes.

April 25, 2010

hello, i'm martha stewart?

Button down from Goodwill. It is literally the best white button down. It doesn't have a label and it was $5, in perfect condition. Ray-bans as always.
IT jeans.
CHANEL espadrilles.
Miu Miu Jacket I got at Wasteland in San Francisco for $30. Its cashmere and beautiful.

April 24, 2010

say it ain't so

The waiting list for the Hermes Birkin bag is no longer. Now anyone with enough money can get one. That's no fun! I have not felt the extremity of the recession until now. I hope by the time I have enough money to buy a Birkin, I will have to wait at least 2 years on that waiting list!
Of course, I have my eye on this orange Ostrich one. 

April 23, 2010

karl, you're just goddamn brilliant

Please, just listen to him. 

coachella cinderella

Chloe in LF, Me in a dress I made.
The birth of my hair, Hatsumomo thanks to Makeover Mechanix
I was called a pretty peacock.
I felt like an animal and a tree.
Stamped with love.
Sandals from Abercrombie
Bracelets and Candy.
I waited in the sun for 2 hours to get my hair done. The sun literally almost killed me. But I knew it would be worth it. If you ever see Makeover Mechanix at an event, let them work their magic. 


April 22, 2010

happy earth day

Photos by Anna Verlet
(via Free People blog)
Lovely Natalia Vodianova.
Dont you just want to wrap yourself in the Earth? Bask in the sunlight, frolic in the tall grass, tame the roses to become a part of you, wear them as a crown, sit an ponder the all encompassing beauty of the forest and the lake. Just breath and take it all in. The Aura of the Earth.

April 21, 2010

in the hot, hot rays

Free People dress, American Apparel bathing suit
Marc Jacobs lightening bolt sandals
Minnetonka boots, Shop bop crop top, Free People Shorts
Brandon in a wolf shirt as previously noted
On Joey, LF flower headband, Dragonball Z T shirt, Chloe wears a floral LF top

cigarettes, wedding bands

Married in the wilderness, or in a castle. I haven't decided yet, but if the forest wins, this is the look I'm going for. 
(images via FashionGoneRogue)