July 30, 2012

The Cobrasnake Yardsale /// Levitated Mass

Everything in the pile was only $2.50!
Scored this obnoxious/ amazing Camel jacket. It's made out of what feels like paper.
Sandypussy only played a few songs while I was there but they were really good.
 Levitated Mass was a bit over-rated.
 Spotted: Hollywood Jesus
Trippy art at LACMA
Dress: Goodwill
Skirt: market in Milano
Choker: purchased at the yardsale

July 26, 2012

Going back to Cali

Now that I am back in LA, I promise to be taking more risks. With perfect weather nearly always, it will be much easier than the other places I have been. Although I miss London terribly, LA will always be one of my homes. This is the first of many photos you will see of my new purse! A gift from my mom for my birthday, the bag was handmade in Florence and limited edition!

- Goodwill dress
- Docs
- Moschino sunglasses
- Purse is from boutique in Florence, doesn't have a label

July 25, 2012


Moschino sunglasses
Sandro skirt
Primark Top
I am especially obsessed with this amazing skirt from french brand, Sandro. I can dress it down like this or dress it up with fancier top and heels. It also looks fab with stockings and a leather jacket for winter!

July 24, 2012

Da Vinci & Dali

 At the Da Vinci Museum
 Primark top
 Moschino sunglasses
 Obsessed with all the little religious icons everywhere.
 Venice did not feel real
Thrifted skirt
 Stairs made of books
 Leading to this stunning view
It was surreal to see this in person.

July 23, 2012

This Madam, is Versailles

 Dream bed
 Every detail was perfect. Nothing left untouched by beauty.
 Always remember to look up
 Seeing  Joana Vasconcelos' work against the rococo decor was magic.
 It added such palpable whimsy to the already frivolous and decadent atmosphere.
 The brand of this vintage stunner is Minx Modes, purchased on Brick Lane for $3.
 And then there were the gardens...
 Me and Marie
 Le Petit Trianon was my favorite property on the grounds. It was so peaceful.
 My fabulous friend, Cooper, serves as man of the house
 And I, as lady.

One of the best experiences of my life.